Authorized by Tokyo Fire Department

Care Taxi (Wheel Chair Taxi)

  • Has a slope so you can get in the car with a wheel chair no problem.
  • Attendants are also welcome to use with disables please inquiry us how many people.
  • The driver has licenses both Bus Commercial Drivers License and Care Worker Introduction Course and so on.
  • Private Tour Planning is available (National Government Licensed for International Travel Service Supervisor)
  • English Speaking Support is available (National Government Licensed English Tour Guide)

It’s useful in such situations


  Nice to meet you! I am Akiko, living in Higashi Oi 4 chome, Shinagawa-ku(ward). I am writing a message to say hello to everyone in the neighborhood and the ward. This time, I have newly started “Nursing / Care Taxi” and “Nail services”.

I was born and raised in Shinagawa-ku(ward) and I love this local area. Especially, I love people in this area because there are a lot of people who are kind and friendly. It would be no exaggeration to say that I was raised by local uncles and aunts. And those uncles and aunts became older and some are already passed away. I feel very lonely and very sad now that I can no longer have old-fashioned and friendly relationships. I would like to increase the number of customers who can have old-fashioned and friendly relationships.

As qualifications, I have obtained a large class 2 driver’s license (Bus Commercial Driver’s license) and I was also a bus driver. I completed training for care helper beginners and I have welfare nails (and Japanese gel nails) certificate and many other types of licenses.  When I got over 50 years old, I thought about my future life and I finally started thinking of doing a job that would be helpful for people and appreciated by people.

For the first time user, I could give you some discount so please do not hesitate to contact us.  Also, if you have a disability certificate, you can get 10% discount and use taxi tickets.  For details such as fees, please see the pamphlet, homepage or call directly.

I would like to do my best to help the people in local and all over the world, from now on, for my second life, and at the end of my life, so that I can give back to the people I met.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Certificates and Business Licenses

  • Care Worker Introduction Course
  • Accompanying Support for Blind people
  • Large type 2 driver’s license (Bus Commercial License)
  • National Government Licensed for International Travel Service Supervisor
  • National Government Licensed Tour Guide (English)
  • Step1, EIKEN 1st Grade
  • Welfare Nailist
  • JNA Nail Artist Skills 1st grade & Advanced Grade

Happy Customers

T.T. (80’s Male : Ota ward)

It was very good.  I would like to repeat again.
 I used it for the first time.  
She has been very friendly and very caring since I met, but not only that, she is very good driver so I could totally relaxed in the car.

 I definitely would like to use it again.

Ms.N (70’s Female : Shinagawa-ku)

It was wonderful !!
At first I was worried when I heard that it was a female driver, but when I actually got on it, she was a very good driver and I was able to ride with great peace of mind.

I felt the warm care and kindness of a woman, and I was very satisfied and became a repeater !

Ms. T.N  (30’s Female : Ota-ku)

I would like to ask her gain!!
I used it for the first time with my son with a disability.  I enjoyed women’s talk, she had an understanding of people with disabilities, and my son was very pleased with with her kindness.  I was healed by seeing my son’s smile.  I would like to ask her again, so thank you.

 A.K.  (70’s Female : Ota ward)

It was wonderful!!  I would like to use it again. She has a very good impression at the first time meeting.  She is very good driver and she is very kind.  Even when the car was about to shake she always made sure if we were ok and comfortable.  She drove with such care, and I was really relieved to ride.   I would like to ask her again in the future.

Ms. W.A.   (80’s Female : Shinagawa-ku)

Thank you so much always!!
I was introduced by an acquaintance and used it, but after all she was kind and friendly.  I enjoy talking with her when I am in the car.  Of course, she is such a veteran and I can ride with confidence. I am worried that the number of customers will increase and I will not be able to ride …

Mr. I.Y.  (70’s Male : Shinagawa-ku)

I was so impressed!!
Akiko-san is a female driver, but she is such a good driver and I could ride with confidence.  Especially when starting and stopping, there was only a little shakes and I felt that she was very careful.  She was very easy to talk to and the support when getting on and off was accurate.  I would definitely repeat to use her again.

Fee and Fare (Standard-sized car)

Charge Example


Tokyo Metropolitan Hiroo Hospital  →

Ota-ku(ward) Rehabilitation hospital   

One way : 6680 yen



Higashi Yaguchi (Ota-ku/ward)  →

Showa University Hospital (Shinagawa-ku/ward)

One way : 4920 yen


Reservation & Inquiry